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I have planted 2 clematis montana plants roughly 7ft apart to cover an old bare fence. As a novice my question is how do I secure and train them over the fence, also after reading a little about them and their prolific growth have I planted them too close together ? 


What sort of fence is it Criss? If there's anything they can wrap their tendrils round they wont need help. You probably didn't need two but they'll be OK

Hi, Thanks for your speedy reply. The fence is made of basic old fence panels but nothing really for them to attach to. Allready I ve had a few tendrels break off. 


And what height and aspect? They can get up a fair height but they will naturally want to grow towards the light Criss so they may come back on themselves a bit if they're planted on the south-ish facing side if you know what I mean.

Does that make sense? I know what I mean but not sure anyone else will!


You'll need something strong for them to grap hold of, though you could tie the first ones to the fence and the rest will hang on to that. Whatever you do needs to be strong, there'll be a lot of weight there when it gets established


Please bare with me as I am new to this gardening stuff ! My garden gets sun in different areas throughout the day as I have a huge Ash tree blocking out light. The garden faces S/E and the Clematis is on the fence that only gets dappled light in the late afternoon. 

Thanks Nutcutlet, I will invest in some trellis then and secure it well.  


It will hopefully go over the fence then Criss 

It's all a big learning curve but there are lots of very helpful people on here so ask away! As nut says - they will be quite heavy once they get going so it's worth making sure your existing fence is relatively sturdy too. Keep us posted- photos are always really helpful on here too as it's gives instant info!

Thanks so much. I am very enthusiastic but it all seems to be so much more involved than I thought.I am sure you will all get fed up with seeing my name pop up all the time! Belive it or not I am a florist, you would think my knowledge would be greater. 

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