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I have two spring flowering clematis that are looking lovely at present but would like to obtain and plant a late flowering clematis that would flower in late summer/early autumn.

Can anyone recommend a suitable type please?


It all depends on the eventual size you want, the flowering time and colour and also the aspect as some clem flowers fade in strong sun.  I find the viticella group to be reliable and wilt resistant and very easy to prune as you just cut them back hard in March, give them a good feed and then train in the new growth along your supports.

Have a look on this website which allows you to search for colour, size and aspect - - then see if they have your choice at the local GC or nusery or order on line from a good clamtis supplier such as (Richard, the owner, has a viticella collection and often posts on here - or Thorncroft or  Taylors.


I'd agree with Obelixx about the viticellas - very straightforward and rewarding. Some great colours available. I have Etoile Violette which just gets better every year, had it in previous gardens too. I also like Rouge Cardinal which I've had before. 

They both do well in a bit of sun but also a little shade. 

Thank you to both Obelixx and Fairygirl for the detailed replies which are much appreciated.

The Viticellas are my favourite Group of clematis, but I also like the Viorna Group, small bell flowers in amazing colours,  and the Tangutica Group, mainly yellows which flower through until October, followed by beautiful seedheads.


Thank you also to Richard and Chloe for the information. 


A little too dark for some, but this is my fave. C. Viticella Black Prince.

Sinister !!              But I like it !!


Oh - I've  had my eye on that one too Hosta. Would look nice on my new expanse of wall  

Too many to choose from unfortunately!

I also like C. viticella Walenburg, which is also quite dark.

Thank you once again to all of you who have replied to my query and for sharing your knowledge regarding suitable clematis. 


Let us know what you get Dennis - and a couple of pix when it's planted too. Good luck with it   


If you are planting clematis together just make sure they are in the same pruning group, otherwise it might be tricky.

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