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I would love some advice about climbers please!  I have a courtyard garden with painted stone walls. The garden isn't big so I want a climber that grows quite flat to the wall and will do ok in a planter. It's sunny for about half the day. Any suggestions would be gratefully received ????


Do you want an annual or a perennial?

Hi Pansyface. I would like a perennial.

Many of the large flowered clematis would suit that spot. One of my favourites is Mrs. Cholmondeley but there are thousands to choose from. 

Another thing to think about if your garden is fairly sheltered is Tropaeolum speciosum - quite a mouthful, better known as the Scottish flame flower. 

Or a passion flower

Or, if you like a gamble, Clianthus puniceus, the lobster claw.


Hi Lass,we had to make the same decisions as you some time ago so we plumbed for a strong Clematis that would be there a long time ,so we took cuttings of Montana as we already had that on a fence, and knew it was a tough one and we could keep it sweet with adding new soil/compost each year with no adverse effects, we have white and pink and it took off just fine. The other Clematis we used was group 3 these we cut down each year and into the greenhouse for winter very easy as we can alternate the positions of the colours when we bring them out again, our passion plant I keep well under control as they can grow very strong but look fantastic well worth getting  as Pansy says, one  thing i think thats important is preparing the wall with the trellis or whatever you choose as the more help they get the better they are ,for  feed ,we used comfry tea a touch of free seaweed tea ( live on coast ) and some slow release, pic one is the plant we took the cutting s off ,pic 2 the new Montana , good luck.  




Thanks very much Pansy and Alan! Looks like clematis is the way forward. I will look up your recommendations. Thanks for the pics - love the Montana. Is that a very young plant?

Clematis cirrhosa balearica.

A rose like Gertrude Jekyll would do well, jasmine, my favourite trachleospermum, which is evergreen and beautifully scented.

Rose ' little rambler'.

Some clematis do better in pots than others ....i would check out the ones they call "patio" clematis.  I have one called Abilene, that has lived in a pot for 5 years now.  It gets cut down to about 6 inches every spring, and gets a feed of slow release fertiliser pellets about now, and it is doing very well - flowers its socks off, from top to bottom, every year

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