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My seven year old granddaughter has been given a patch of garden to cultivate and has asked me to help her with it. We are both quite excited about it!  I have bought some potatoes. onions, gladioli for the sunny side and hope to grow some beans and sunflowers. However there is a high wall at the other end of this border which appears to be in shade most of the day. I will dig up a few foxgloves to put in for starters but is there a climber tolerant of shade to  grow up the wall?  Ivy is not too popular with her mum and spiky plants such as Pyracantha are out. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance 


Climbing hydrangea (H anomala subsp, petiolaris) or the related (and better) schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight' or parthenocissus henryana. All prefer shade, all are self clinging via aerial roots. I have the latter two, and used to have the first.  


Hi daydaisy

There is a Hydrangea (Anomala Petiolaris) that is self clinging and will flower on a shady wall.

Is quite vigorous once started and will cover a quite large wall if needed. 

Hope this helps




There are roses that prefer a shady site - Golden Showers, Souvenir de Dr Jamain, Mme Alfred Carrière, Teasing Georgia, tess of the Durbevilles as well as any number of clematis in various sizes and colours and flowering periods.  If you go to this site - and use the text search facility to list clems for shade you will get a long list leading to descriptions.  You can then list your preferences and head off to the garden centre or to a clematis specialist.


honeysuckle can do quite well inthe shade and can be worked into almost any lattice or frame i should imagine this would get a youngster more involved in the world of gardening looks nice also 

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