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Looking to put some climbers on our back fence. Can anyone recommend an affective looking climber please? Perhaps a couple? Evergreen and scented?

Thank u..


Which way does the fence face - does it get sun all day or only part of the day, and what's the soil like?


And how cold do you get in winter - worst case.?

Gardening Grandma

How tall is the fence, Sarah? Do you have a means of supporting climbers e'g' trellis, wire, netting? Or do you want self-clinging climbers?

Thank u for your responses.

the back fence gets the full sun all day. Soil is pretty good.

the fence is 6ft. We r putting additional trellis on the fence. I would like to think we could have a combination including self clinging climbers.

look forward to hearing back from u.

thank u!




I put in all of the conditions you mentioned into the plant selector on the RHS web site and it came up with 7 suggestions: Some climbing roses, some honeysuckles and Akebia quinata. When you get suggestions from people you might want to check if the plant is fully hardy and if the site is exposed, whether the plant will be okay there. You could grow some fast growing annuals for summer colour until other climbers get established, ie. Cobaea scandens Cup and Saucer Vine or Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glory (both unscented, I think) and sweet peas for scent.

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