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Hi I've just moved into an old house with an amazing large climbing hydrangea on the front.

Can anyone give me an idea of when/ if I can prune or remove the odd branch without killing it ?

All advice would be appreciated!


Hi Marion. We have quite a large one growing up the house wall in our back garden. The only thing I ever do to it is cut back branches that threaten to grow over our doors in early spring. I leave the dead flower heads on to protect the new shoots a bit. These also get cut off in early spring (those I can reach ). Cannot be doing too much wrong as it is very healthy. I love it. Hope this helps.

Thanks for that! Our tree has a lot of new shoots growing on it already so perhaps a little trim before it properly wakes up in the next couple of months. Its got two bird nests in it and I've noticed some house sparrows eyeing them up so I'd better get a move on before I have fledglings to consider too!!  

I too have a climbing hydrange which is growing against a north facing wall.  It was planted about 4 years ago and looks verey healthy, but has never flowered.  Has anyone any ideas why?


Hiya Dimbat,

apparently it can take up to 5 years before they blom and then they really take off !!  


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