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Please can someone help me, I have very little gardening knowledge!  I am looking for a climbing (hopefully evergreen) plant which will cover a trellis (12ft wide, 6 ft high). I am not looking for something to cover it completely, just lightly would do. I am not really into big bright showy flowers and so have been looking at Jasmine (trachelospermum jasminoides) which I like very much but I am not sure it suitable for the location. We are in the North West, our garden can get quite windy as we are on a hill and is mostly in the shade.  The trellis is set in gravel. The man who did my garden told me I can still plant in the gravel (do I have to break through the membrane?) or I could us pots.  I also like honeysuckle but do not want to attract too many wasps as I have young children. We had ivy there before but fancied a change .... Thanks, Amanda

I should add that is north/north-west facing and there is a wall behind to about 3ft high.

flowering rose

a nice honey suckle  would be nice ,beautiful scent and lovely berries in autumn.

You could train a pyracantha against the trellis its evergreen with pretty flowers  in spring and berries in winter.


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