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I'm just about to place a few fan-shaped trellises on a protected, east-facing wall which gets morning sunshine and would very much appreciate some help in choosing some climbing roses. I'd like them to be scented, red or pink, repeat-flowering and not rampant!

Paul N

Have a look at 'Compassion', one of my all time favourites. Strong scent, apricot colour, HT-like flowers, healthy, one of the best.

Gertrude Jekyll, Strong pink and a perfume to die for.  One of David Austin's so will not climb too high and get out of hand.  I too have it on an east facing wall with trellis.

Thank you so much for your helpful ideas. I'm going to get one of each!

Paul N

Gertrude Jekyll is a David Austin shrub which won't grow more than 3ft although there may be a Climbing version of it. Check before you buy or you may be disappointed.


Paul N

(Later) I've checked the David Austin website and in fact there IS a Climbing Gertrude Jekyll. Yes they have a stunning scent so the climber must be impressive.

The glossy label attached to the Gertrude Jekyll I've just bought suggests it will grow 4-5 feet - shorter than I wanted, but it sounded so good.....but on planting it, I found that the David Austin label attached close to the base of the plant says it will grow 7-8 feet, so I'm hoping that's the correct one! Thanks for your interest.

I have recently bought GJ & Falstaff & the label says they are both climbers too. Depends how they are pruned.

Mine grows to 7ft which is as high as I want it.  Good luck with it.  I also prune it right back in Feb too.

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