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Hi -I'm a little stuck and wandered if anyone out there could help.

I planted 3 climbing roses in large tubs on my deck to climb the pergola a few weeks ago. There is plenty of height now to the roses but no buds. 

I am wandering if I need to prune these back now for next year as it may be too late for buds & blooms now. 

Should i prune or not? What is the general consensus? 

Thankyou, hope to get a response from a wise rose grower )

the roses are ''Climbing Rose, Pink. delight'' from Homebase



I prune them in Feb/March when there isn't a heavy frost. As they are in tubs make sure they are well fed and watered.

I don't know this rose, I looked on Google and the only reference I found to it was that someone saw it for sale in Homebase. I wonder if they have the correct name. It could be that it is a rose that only flowers once, so it will have flowered in June and has finished for this year.


Thank you Busy-Lizzy. This has happened a lot with plants bought from supermarkets etc - I'll wait while feb/March and see what happens. Have a nice day

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