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Wow thanks all for great advice,90! am impressed,unfortunately garden v small,may fit in 9! would love to visit david austins garden but my little girl isn't one for letting me do much,though she's just got her own little spade and watering can and is mylittle helper! I have got gertrude jekyll i actually dug up from old house and brought! ( not being tight ,sentimental importance) seems to have moved ok..any advice how to ensure i keep it going?

Paul N

In addition to roses dotted around the garden, we have a Rose Garden with raised beds. As I get free horse muck, there are over thirty barrowloads in there all mixed up with the soild. So the soil is very very fertile. How to look after roses? Firstly make sure they are planted deeply enough. Many plant them far too shallowly. The scion (graft) should be an inch below the surface. Now is the time to prune HTs and floribundas - between 6" and 10" (it's not critical) to an outward facing bud. I have five water butts so in prolonged hot weather I pour a watering can full of rainwater beneath each rose once a month say. I don't spray unless I get bad black spot or an infestation of greenfly. I may try seaweed extract as a foliar spray as a lady in the village reports good results. I visit the roses most days and keep an eye on them. 

just about to orger zephrine drouhin,mdme gregoire and new dawn as crocus got 20% off,planning zd for north facong though gets some sun,mgs for west facing sunny corner (though this through mature fig tree will this be ok?) and nd for shadier north facing (again has some early am sun) also mat hav eto move gertrude jekyll for 3rd time in  6 weeks is thisfeasible?

Louise Stevenson wrote (see).... also mat ha e to move gertrude jekyll for 3rd time in  6 weeks is this feasible?
If you have to then do it now and DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!  
Lovey selectiion of roses you've chosen.


thankyou dovefromabove,just our garden all paved at mo,laying lawn as go 21month old,trying to keep in enough sun while leaving space for enough lawn..will try to leave her alone!

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