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Hi just bought 2 climbing roses to cover the arch at the top of my garden would like to plant them in 2 wooden planters i built 2feet square and 2feet deep. When is the best time to put them out i have top soil & compost mixed would that be alright for planting them in any advice would be very helpful.


Do it now. Before any growth really gets going. Also add some bonemeal -it aids root development

What have you chosen?

Hi Rosa they are called Parade i will upload a picture of them later both look very healthy cost £1.99 each so decided to take a chance here's hoping.


I often take a chance with low cost shrubs - TLC to start with and they usually respond. As they will probably need extra care make sure you add the bonemeal as roses, any way, are hungry plants

good luck



 These are the roses I bought today



Do you have somewhere they can go that isn't as warm as a house? They look a bit forced as if they have been in a shop for a while so need to be slowly introduced to cooler outside temperatures. Perhaps in a garage overnight and outside during the day - as long as it doesn't snow But do pt them up.

I will put them in the shed at night and will bring them out during the day thanks for your help Rosa just back in from our gardening club night.

Yes Brumbull joined last November great little local club of about 50 members last night was a man doing a talk from the Scottish Seed Exchange it was very interesting. Got 3 outing this year 1 in June 1 in July and I in August all visiting gardens June & August are £4 each and July is £15 doing 3 gardens that day bus included nice wee day out.

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