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Hi Everyone


Soon, the decking in the attached picture will be removed and the screening against fence will be taken down

The fence pannels are 5ft, and we would like a 6ft cover.  Cant realy afford to get whole new set of fence pannels as will also need new posts etc.

What I am thinking is getting trellis pannel and attaching it to the fence pannels, but higher by say 6inches.

What would be best to plant to grow up and over the trellis (hopfully add few more inches in height)?

Idealy would be evergreen and if possible all year round attraction. Be that flowers or berries.



Bunny ...
Clematis, honeysuckle, morning glory, roses ?

As you are looking for privacy why not plant 2 or 3 tall shrubs that give interest spring/summer/autumn. then through these you can grow climbers which will make that fence look far more interesting and as the fence is old you are not relying on it to support the weight of trellis and plants.

whatever you decide to do the soil you expose will have to have compost,  and generally be enriched before you start to think about planting.


Any thoughts to what shrubs/climbers to plant?
Not clued up on plants

Bunny ...
Will yo have a border to plant in beside fence? Is it sunny , shady etc. I looked for plants that suited my location , i have a 6ft fence similar on one side mine is shade and clay soil. Once you can narrow it down a bit it becomes easier to choose plants.


Yep will be a border.
Was thinking Maybee cut the screening down
to fence height so a climber has something to
grow up

I like the idea Rosa said, so shrubs will need to
have berries as I'm a keen bird lover and like to
offer plants that will offer food

REd beeried pyracantha,(white flowers in June/berries in autumn) fairly resilient. Depends if fence is in shade, partial shade, sun will help when you tell me.position 

When looking at fence, you are facing north
area gets loads of sun

Computer probs will check in tomorrow 


Evergreen climbers are less common than deciduous ones. You could mix them. There are evergreen clematis and honeysuckle. One evergreen clematis is armandii with white or pink early flowers. Some people love it, others hate it and call it a thug, but it can be a bit tender in a cold winter. Have a look at evergreen climbers on "Google". If you want evergreen shrubs there is photinia "Red Robin" and several varieties of cotoneaster that have berries that birds like. Clematis montana is vigorous and smothered with flowers in late spring, early summer. It has leaves until winter, but as it is bushy it will still have a mesh of stems in winter.

Bunny ...
I have an evergreen honeysuckle henryi which is vigorous and has blue berries at the moment , it is east facing, early sun , shade rest of day and in clay soil. Not sure what it would be like in sun .

another question

What about weight of climbers? Tee fence pannels are in concrete posts.  Will this be stong enough?

Also If i cut the reed screening down to fence height, will the plant be able to grow up it?


For privacy I would add troughs full of 6ft bamboo. You can get them cheap in B&Q this year. There are few climbers (apart from annual climber that die with frost) that are going to give you any privacy for 3-5 years unless you buy a large plant.

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