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Jean Genie

Hi. I've posted a similar question in the past .  Has anyone , anywhere got any flowers yet ? I 've grown cobaea before and know they are late flowering but this year they seem to be very late.  They are strong healthy plants and are growing well but not even a bud yet. At this rate think the frost may get them before I even see a flower.


I haven't got any flowers yet either Jean  We must be patient and hope we will get some eventually - I will be upset if we don't get any as they are one of my all time favourite plants.

Pam x 

Jean Genie

Thought I would conduct a little survey - well at least I know I'm not alone ! I'm sure last year I had flowers end of July but I suppose patience is the key. Thanks Pam .


This is my second attempt at growing them, still no flowers I have heard such lovely things and some people say they are very easy to grow but I am struggling.

Jean Genie

I had a good success rate with germination and gave a lot away. Everyone seems to be having the same problem - they are all asking me when they will flower .  Ermmm, well !!!!

They are beautiful flowers and they flower late in the season . Last year mine were still going in November. We'll all just have to wait and see what happens.



........ was wondering if it was just me, glad to know it sin't - the weather again doubtless!


Hi, I have grown them for a few years now and they are worth it as they are so unusual.They normally start flowering in July and are unstopable! This year they did NOTHING and I decided not to grow them any more as the seeds are rather pricy and don't germinate as easily as Montys' !! Two days ago I noticed that there are six buds forming on it. I think it is the weather, as they grow wild in the tropics.I understand  now why people say that we need to be PATIENT to be GOOD gardeners!  It works, and nice surprises are the reward. As Jean says, they do go on flowering till the first frosts. Enjoy.



I have a flower bud

 Pam LL x

Jean Genie

Pam you also have blue skies ! I look everyday for signs of buds but nothing yet ! When the rain subsides I'll have another look to see if I've missed any, I think I am developing an O. C. D. ! That looks like it's going to be a spectacular flower - keep us all updated please .


Jean after you said yours were strong healthy plants I went and looked at one of mine that had brown tinges on the leaves and I spotted that the stem had withered this is the second time that this has happened. I have taken a cutting and will see if I can rescue it.

Can you over winter them?

Jean Genie

Kate - I'm not sure to be honest but it's worth a try .  Mine usually flower until late autumn and them I chop them down to ground level in the hope they may survive the winter but they never do !  I would give it a go. You've given me an idea now. Wonder whats happened to yours ? I lost one once because the stem had been rubbing on the trellis which in turn caused the stem to wilt .


Sorry to change subject but I was wondering if you could identify a plant for me .I have a plant with white slightly pink tinged small flowers and a heart shaped smooth edged leaf . It grows to about 2 ft. and it looks a little like Valerian? It is self sown and has grown right near the bird feeder so I think it arrived with the bird seed.

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