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I had a woody semi evergreen shrub in my garden that died recently (water logged soil) and I want to replace it. However I have no idea what it was called and cant find it anywhere online.
It had a thick woody central trunk with very pale bark and woody branches.
It was about 6-8 ft high and 4ft spread
Pale green "paddle shaped" small leaves.
In summer it was covered in tiny white flowers which smelt strongly of coconut - we used to call it the coconut bush.
In autumn these flowers became a profusion of white, wool-like, fluffy seeds.
The closest I can see to the "look" is probably Elaeaganus Quicksilver.
Any ideas what it might be ?


Do you have a picture somewhere by any chance?

As gorse flowers have a strong coconut scent, perhaps it was one of it's close relatives, broom (cytisus).

no definately not broom family. sorry no picture as it died.

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