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I bought two of these plants from a local garden centre a few months ago. They have been glorious all Summer I want to try and over winter them indoors. My 13 year old daughter has a Salvia growing in the South-facing living room which is now into it's 3rd year, we call it "Meg's Impossible Plant", so it got me thinking that maybe I can do the same with the Coleus? I have googled, but I don't know if they are annual, biennial or perrenial  Can anyone shed some light on this please? Am I doomed to failure?


Try cutting off a good size shoot with no flowers on it (3 to 4 inch long) and leaving it in a jar of water (in a warm window bottom). when good size roots have formed , pot it on. (same treatment as a busy lizzie)


Oh brilliant, thanks FB 

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