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Okay- I have a confession to make

In the eternal battle against my arch nemisis (Slugs & snails) I admit to being rather brutal.

I live on the edge of a field and so I take a rather guilty pleasure in flicking said slugs/snails (using my spade) over the fence into the field. The thrushes seem to have caught on as they are usually hanging around waiting for there food to be thrown over.

Anyone else have any henious secrets they care to confess? I can't be the only secret snail slinger.....can I ????

HA HA, me too !!!!

usually fling them over the bank where there's lots for them to eat except my lovely perennials


One of my teenagers lobs them over the fence as far as he can but I'm pretty sure they end up in someone else's garden 


Trouble is they're homing snails. They come back to the juiciest plants.

Spot on fidget.  They simply go back and it's been proved


Steve the Gardening Vet

I pop any I collect into the garden recyling bin and they seem quite happy in there until they are collected by the local council and removed to pastures new!


CCat we had a a neighbour years ago who didn't look after their  garden and the weeds were 6' tall - willow herb- (hence my ongoing hatred of it!). I was fed up keeping them at bay and when I started growing plants which slugs were attracted to  I took great delight in going out at night and lobbing the slugs over my garage roof into his garden. I daresay they did come back if they survived the Concorde style flight.....but it was very satisfying!!! I got quite good at it- not too many got impaled on the jaggy garage wall...

I do the same as you Steve with the huge snails I have here.


If you want to  test whether they're homing snails, put a blob of paint or nail varnish on the shells before you lob them. When you find the painted ones, you know what to do next time. Put them in a jam jar of  common kitchen salt.

.....what have them pickled you mean fidget?  Adding vinegar?


When i was young, my sister and myself would walk around the garden impaling slugs on bamboo cane and see who could get the most, very satisfying.


No but it means they can't climb out of the recycling bin. When I chuck weeds in I always find a few clinging to the lid, just waiting to escape.

I did  read a story about country folk making pies out of them during the war, to supplement the meat ration. Mixed with a few kidneys and some stock from bones.  Not for me. I don't do molluscs.  That includes, squid, calamari, octopus, gourmet snails, whelks, mussels, clams, ormer,oysters and scallops.   I'd sooner eat an apple any day of the week.


fidget- think he's taking the **** 

I'm like you - can't do mussels etc- mainly because they don't agree with me. Love lobster, crab, crayfish, langoustines etc htough- I'm a cheap date 

Much as I hate the damage they do- I draw a line at the salt, or chopping them in half...

Just couldn't do it Chuck them as far as I can and that's often into the road- so at least they have a fighting chance!

Fidget, and if there's a worm in that apple ??ou have extra protein too.


I go out with a pair of scissors & leave them on lawn for birds... slugs give me the shivers though when slicing.. yuck..

Slugs go in the brown bin, yes they climb up and i find them on the lid, but they just get ejected back to the bottom until they depart.

Snails on the other hand get drop kicked as far as possible into the field behind my house, not sure if they make it back or not, but i do enjoy volleying them as far as possible.


Gardening Grandma

Golly! Is there a nice way of getting rid of them? I admit to feeling sorry for the poor things, but I still cut them in half and stamp on the snails. I suppose the kindest way is a beer trap. I did get some beer to do this but OH drank it!


Idid try putting them on the lawn for the blackbirds but the blackbirds turned their beaks up and went back to the bird muesli


hollie hock

I road them, chuck over the fence............can;t do the scissors or stamping on them. Snails are easier to handle,  so I just throw them next door..........yes they probably will come back, but it's going to be a long journey for them

I've held slug swimming races before now, in the stream. Slugs aren't very good at swimming.

I've done the nail varnish thing and thrown them into the neighbours garden.  When they come back I repeat with a different colour.  Three is the most returns.  I've seen last years ones this year, or it might have been from the year before.  I often wonder what the neighbours think if they see them....we don't talk much.  Actually I got really quite fond of those snails after all that.