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hi,can anyone help me,i have this plant growing & am confused as i thought i had planted an apple pip to see what would happen & this has grown is it an apple tree ? can anyone identify it,thanks

Alina W

Nope, that's not an apple tree.


That is a troublesome weed -don't what it is called- but it ain't an apple tree


thank you both for reply,i did plant an apple pip in the pot,so am confused now,the buds at the end are a pinky colour,


Polygonum avilculare - a weed of newly disturbed soil.  Sorry - hope you get something you want to grow 


when did you plant the pip, take the weed out and leave the pot a while longer you still might get your apple tree


And then you only have to wait about 5 years for it to produce fruit, 99.9% chance it will be a Crab apple too and if allowed to grow on could make a 25 feet plus tree eventually.

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