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Hi, the books say to cut my clematis down to around a foot from the ground above a pair of healthy buds.  My dilemma is that the lowest bud at one foot is solitary, not a pair, and then the next pair of buds don't appear for around 3 or 4 foot.  So do I go for lower down or the pair of buds?


Go for that low single bud, cloud8.  I cut most of my group 3 right down to the ground and they produce new shoots from below ground level.  As group 3 produce flowers on new growth, the more new shoots you can encourage from the base, the better. 

Oh thanks for that BobTheGardener, if only plants did what the books say they should.  I'll go and do it now while the sun is out 


Cloud8 - have you given yours the book to read?  Show it the right page and use a highlighter pen for the important bits - they're not terribly quick on the uptake you know 

Enjoy the sunshine 

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