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Hi, At my front door I've two camillia in containters. What should I push in around them to add interest? Soil is acid. Aspect is just a bit north of west. Partial shade. Pots are black and shiny. Thought about heuchera. What do you think? What other ideas? Thanks Noodle
Caz W

I love heuchera but have stopped growing them in pots now as I've lost too many to the dreaded vine weevils.  The ones growing in the borders have all been fine.


Heucheras worth a try. Ajugas, small varigated leaved ivies- both will trail down the sides of the containers. Small skimmias eg Rubella would also cope. GCs sell small plants of those at this time of year.

You could also underplant with small bulbs if you wanted. J.

Acorus is a yellow evergreen "grass" that would look good and grow well in this environment. I have it at the base of a purple Acer in a pot in the shade. Jack Frost has white/pale green foliage with blue flowers and,this would look good too in this spot.


Thanks all- some great suggestions. For my particular site, Jack Frost looks spot on. Checked the website I buy from and they've got it plus a white version. Looks ideal and I can put one colour in each pot.
The other suggestions I'll keep on hold for some shady areas in the garden.
Much apprec,

I once had a camellia in a pot and I grew Corydalis Flexuosa round it which has very pretty blue flowers in spring and likes similar conditions as camellias. Only thing is that they die down in summer.

Busy-lizzie it's a shame about corydalis being summer dormant. I have kept it going in past years by watering it. But now accept its natural tendency to flower and die down and plant it where summer plants obscure it.

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