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Sorry for all the "beginners" questions and my impatience.  I planted 18 Coreopsis plants in various colours back in around March this year.  They've grown quite high and appear to be healthy but there are no sign of any flowers.  Do you think they'll flower this year?


I've never grown them Charley but they're late summer early autumn plants so the buds probably just haven't formed yet. It's amazing how quickly they can suddenly appear though -  just when you think it's never going to happen! 

Young plants can be slower to mature and flower anyway so don't get disillusioned. 

Oh ok, I didn't realise they're late summer plants.  It said on Parkers' website they flower June to September, hence my impatience and yes, you're right, I have been getting slightly disillusioned.  Oooh, well I'll look forward to a nice colourful display after all then   Thanks Fairygirl.


Were they just tiny plug plants when you bought them Charley? If so, they might have been better potted on first for a few months before planting out so that they get a chance to mature a bit. I don't usually buy plug plants but if I do I treat them the same way as I would treat a cutting - potting on until it's a decent size, filling a 3/4" pot or sometimes a 6" pot before I plant out. 

In any case, you may get some flowering this year and some won't till next year. It's always a bit of a learning curve! 

No, the coreopsis plant were those jumbo plants when I got them.  You've given me hope that they may flower this year after all so I'm happy again now   thanks for your help. 

It's a very steep learning curve indeed - but a great one to be on!


Charley, mine are flowering....have been for few weeks. 

Two things.....early season way down here and, secondly if you bought jumbo/plug plamts they will be late to flower.  Possibly may not flower this year but domt "fuss them"......plemty of summer left yet to do something in lare,August.  They do need a certain amount of water though so make sure they do not dry out.

Thanks Verdun.  Are you South of England?  We're on the Isle of Man.  Yes, keeping them watered.  Can I just ask ... where do the flowers come from?  From the tips of the leaves like say, osteospermum?   So will they flower earlier next year when they're established do you think?


We're all still learning Charley, and some plants and some methods of culture and care are easier than others. I've learnt a huge amount in the time I've been on here. It's a great source of info. Learning about the weather conditions in the area you're in is important  too - Verd is about 400 miles south of me so everything up here would be a month or so later anyway!  

Verd - you have to remember you live in a 'different country' from us ordinary folk.....

Ok nice to me!  

Charley....there are many varieties of coreopsis some earlier than others.  Mine,yes, have early start down here.  Next year they will be earlier for you for sure.  They flower from tips, in a way, but as repeat growth is usually shorter it looks like flowers are being produced  lower down.  One tip......keep deadheading.  Easy to do every few days if you can, as you pass.,,the plants look better for it and they flower forever.

(would post pics but I'm posting too much currently....but they do look jolly good )

I actually like the foliage too Charley.....nice bright green, clean, crisp and well behaved so nice out of flower.  I'm in far s. w. Cornwall, which has a milder climate than even a few miles further east down here. 


Ok Verd - I'll not send the plague of frogs just yet...just watch out for the bolts of lightning..

Charley you'll have a different climate to many of us on the mainland I'd guess, although as Verd says - a garden even a few miles away from you can be the opposite of what you have! My last house was exposed and higher than the houses in the nearby hamlet and that impacts enormously on what you can grow, so sometimes you need to start with creating some shelter if you want certain plants to thrive. Wind causes a lot of issues.


I'll second the "always learning" remark, Fairy!  Been in this house 7 years, 600ft up in pennines.  Tried coreopsis twice, the bog standard sorts, but it's just too wet for them here - I lose them in the winter.  Such a contrast with where we were before (rural Northumberland, colder winters but half the rainfall) and even more with where I started "proper" gardening when first married, in Cambridgeshire - even less rain, loads of sun & alkaline soil.  Fascinating pastime, gardening.  Sometimes infuriating or depressing - but sometimes pure delight...

Hey, the learning is great though isn't it?!  Especially when we have this forum to learn from.  Everyone's so helpful. 

Verdun, I would SO like to see some photos of your coreopsis, if you have time please. 

Fairygirl, yes it's sometimes easy to forget that we're in such different parts of the world.  Being on an island, we do get lots of wind but thankfully having a lovely summer to enjoy the garden.

Liriodendron, I'm just wondering if where I've put my coreopsis is going to be wet for them in the winter ... I'll give them a good mulch and see how I go. 



I know we're always told 'see what's growing in nearby gardens' but I like to grow other things so that my garden isn't just a carbon copy of everyone else's. Scottish gardens often have loads of Rhodies, Azaleas, Pieris and heather, and while that's fine, it doesn't mean it's all you can grow. Sometimes it's because of the choices available locally in GCs so I like to go further afield and have a different look if I can.

As you say Charley - the learning process is great and the forum means instant access to all these other experienced, knowledgeable people - for free! 

PS - I've never visited the Isle of Man but it's where my (English) Dad met my Mum many decades ago,  so it has a special bit of meaning for me.  

Oh wow, you really must visit the Isle of Man then Fairygirl.  And we have a Fairy glen that's all lit up at night so you may like that    It really is a beautiful place to live, although I was born here and never left, so I may be just a little biased!

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