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We have a pot of Cosmos and a pot of Verbara which we have outside and were wondering what we should do with them over the winter to keep them in good shape for next year? 




Seed raised annual cosmos or perennial chocolate cosmos?

Verbara-not familiar with this- do you been verbena by any chance?

If verbena -what type?

Your cosmos is an annual, unless it's chocolate cosmos, and will die soon. Verbena should be overwintered in greenhouse/coldframe, etc. Cut Verbena back a little. verbena are actually senetti !!! I think I actually made up the name of a new flower, Verbara!! Sorry!!


They both will not over winter-unless it is the chocolate cosmos which needs bringing under cover-just enjoy till they go over


Well senettii is bit different to verbena., however, I have managed to experiment a bit with this plant but that's another story. As sotongeoff says neither will,overwinter

Chocolate cosmos will overwinter in a pot in a cool grenhouse, but not in the ground or out of doors.  Mine is now 3 years old, and lives in the greenhouse all year - just because I get even stronger chocolate perfume from it in there!!

Bookertoo you only do that cos you're too mean to buy a choc bar. Keeping it indoors is a good idea. I find the scent outside and low down is elusive so will grow mine in conservatory by front door

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