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Hi all I have seen cosmos cranberries but it's expensive seed. But it looks lovely! Anyone got any hints on other double cosmos that isn't too tall. Or a source to buy cosmos cranberries from. I am after something to do in between my perennials to give that billowy cottage look. I was hoping for 2 ish feet. My cosmos purity got to 4 ft last yr and suffered with the wind!

I don't blame you wanting Cranberries, it's a beauty. It's described as being 60 - 80cm. I've seen that it's available in a good many compaines, selling around £2.50 for 30seeds.

The Sonata series seems to keep to around 60cm or so and are widely available but not doubles. Double Click is smashing, I grew it last year but it reached about 90cm or so for me.

Is there a way of stunting the heights at all without affecting the plants health??

I grew the double click cranberries last year - they were gorgeous, and didn't get too tall. Have ordered more this year - from Chiltern seeds (£2.45)

 This year I will plant them somewhere where they don't clash with the rudbeckias

Pinching out Red is best way to,produce sturdy plants.  I pinch out several times in won't harm them.  It produces more flowers too


I think I should have done that with my zinnia last year because I got a tall plant with only a few flowers! I'm never sure which bit to pinch and when, when there is a bud on or just new heart shoot?!

No problem, any time

Before the buds Red...they're takng energy....just pinch back shoots

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