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Last week I sowed some Cosmos seeds - some red flowers, some white.  I didn't label them (foolish) as I thought I would remember which pot was which.  I then moved them around when watering them, and am now thoroughly confused !

Does anyone know whether the emerging seedlings will look different, or will I have to wait for flowers before I can tell them apart ?  (the white ones were purity, the red sonata)



sorry - pressed submit twice and posted the same thing in duplicate

Cheeky chicky!

I think Purity will have very fresh green stems and the red one stems tinged very slightly with pink. You will probably have to wait until they flower.

Joyce is correct, once they grow in to a fairly reasonable sized plant the red ones will have a slightly pink/red tinge to the stem. The white will be a lush green colour, you will just have to wait a little but you'll notice the difference.



Many thanks Joyce and Leggi - I will keep a close eye on the stems.

No problem, I made the same mistake last year when potting up.

Have you come across cosmos Sweet Sixteen, white with a dark pink edge and a double white called Double Click Snow Puff?

The Sweet Sixteen is a lovely one,I grew some last year, a few didn't have the pink edge but the weather didn't help.

Haven't tried the double one yet, have grown Purity in the past, grows quite tall, but lovely. Have not started mine off yet, will be doing them in the next couple of weeks.


Joyce - I have only ever grown the white ones before (Cosmonaut) - this year I thought I would try some colours aswell.  The seeds have come up very quickly - only sown on Tuesday and all pots are up already!

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