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Sara 4

Forgive the mess in the foreground of the picture - remnants of a decimated laurel which will soon be gone.  The raised bed the cosmos is in is about a foot off the ground and as you can see they have reached the top of the fence - the 'delicate fern like leaves' aren't all that delicate and they don't look like they're planning to bloom any time soon!  Have I bought a giant breed?  (50p each at a village fete) or are they just happy?


Ha ha Sara 4 , did you by any chance add manure to the bed before planting the cosmos? The same thing happened to me last year. Hardly any flowers but I nearly had to take an axe to the stems in the autumn.

Sara 4

Yes WB - It's a new bed at the back (the stupid falling down brick one was a stand alone home for the evil laurel) and it consists entirely of top soil, compost and horse manure.  I take it I should have grown the cosmos in more austere conditions!  Glad to hear I'm not the only one that makes mistakes though ...

I'm still digging the stumps out...


I grew the cosmos seeds from G W magazine,in ordinary multi purpose ,in containers,several are well over three feet not as tall as yours but still beautful.


Sara 4

Hi Gilly - It's more that mine are huge in proportion - I feel like I've planted giant sequoias by accident.  Waterbutts - I thankfully have a mini-digger coming so I can finish my pond - I plan to scrape the rest of the laurel out with that, so I may aim it towards the cosmos too .... I'll be breaking by-laws about tree height soon.

It's funny how so many flowering plants grow massive instead of flowering when they've got good soil. Greedy lot don't want to share the goodness with their offspring!


I grew the GW Cosmos Purity seeds and they are all around 4ft tall and flowering well now.

I grew GW Purity free seeds as well, mine are at least 3 foot tall, they even withstood the hottest of the weather with minimal watering.........goodness knows how tall they would have got with rain as well

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