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Does anyone know what i have done wrong to make my cosmos start flowering at a foot tall.?

I havent even planted them in the garden yet.

I have grown them from the seed i collected in my garden last year so not dwarf.

Can i pinch out flower buds? .. or will they still grow to a good height anyway?

Thank you.

Well I'm not sure why you think you've done anything wrong! Yes, you could pinch them out, but in my experience cosmos have a very long flowering period if you're fairly diligent with dead heading.

thanks for response.

i just thought they would be more 3 - 4 ft ?

Hi, I had two beautiful cosmos last summer, I put them out at mid June and both had masses of flowers right through until the end of September ( remember to dead head though) and neither of them were more than about a foot and a half. 

they can start flowering at a foot tall, but keep growing and flowering, becoming quite bushy - enjoy


Do you know what variety they are? I like growing Purity (white) and Dazzler (deep pink) - last year the same thing happened to me, flowering very early on tiny plants! But they ended up massive last year, some of them 5-6ft! And were covered in flowers well into the autumn. I would worry.

I have read in one of the newspapers that i can propogate cosmos from seed heads - now i may be a bit dense but how do i do this? i have been deadheading mine and this is the first year that i have grown them and they are absolutely glorious especially the white ones - so i intend to have masses planted next year. We have been in the house for 18 months or so and it has been a bit hit and miss as to what will grow.

Hazel -1



Love cosmos. We have dwarf variety and tall ones too. Both still flowering and budding well even at this time of the year. Oh gets fed up deadheading twice and sometimes three times daily Lol! But they are lovely. We have white, dark and light pink ones.


RB, you need to let the seed heads dry right out on the plant, so they are brown and dried, then collect, lay on a piece of paper till really dry, store in an envelope then sow next Spring.

hollie hock

I love Cosmos too and so do the bees, late flowering for me but lovely, hope the rain doesn't bash them about too much. Not grown the dwarf ones but they look lovely Gertie.

Hazel -1

Hollyhock Might try collecting seeds like Lyn suggests then we can fill up the whole garden with them next year ! The dwarf ones are really nice this year and yes,mThe bees adore them. All helping the environment and nature...........

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