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My Cosmos plants have produced lots of foliage, but still not flowering.


I've got one flower just to show me what they would've been like

The non- flowering ones are the tall ones and have been planted in various locations and quality of soil. I wonder if it was the seeds.

plant pauper

This all adds grist to my conspiracy theory. There is a thread about tomatoes where everybody that planted a certain type of tomato got the same wrong ones!

Now everybody is having non flowering cosmos (you're not the only two). Somewhere there is a wee man with some big bags of seed putting it into wee packets and selling it on to all the suppliers at exorbitant profits! HA!



I too have some grown from seed that haven't flowered.....yet. They are very strong looking plants but others from the same sowing are flowering well. The flowering ones don't look quite so luxuriant but are perfectly good plants. They are from a 2015 packet.



If the seeds grew then their age isn't the problem - I've got some cosmos flowering now which came from a packet which said  Sow by 2005.

I've got a few plants that was attacked by snails but grew anyway,but now have grown taller and bushier than the others but no flowers yet but the buds are there.

Grew mine from seed sown back in March/April.  They germinate really easily, within a week, usually.

This year I mixed the usual Sensation packet with a freebie packet of 'Candystripe' and they've all done well....really tall...and flowering, no bother.  To be honest they're too tall for the position they're in, but that's my fault, not theirs!  They did flower a few weks later than usual, but it's been a dreadful summer up here, rain, rain, more rain.  Explains why they've grown so tall.

Very odd that so many folk seem to be having bother with them this year.

My sweet peas, on the other hand, have been rubbish!  Never normally have any trouble with those.

Kitty 2

I'm another one with big green cosmos. One of mine has only just started to bloom, today it has the grand total of 2 flowers. Others have buds yet to open and some have nothing but foliage.

All grown from seed, started off in early April. "Sensation mix" I think?

In my personal opinion 2016 has been a funny year for lots of things I've grown. I really feel sympathy for new and first time gardeners who have been starting out this year. It can be so disheartening when all that effort gives little reward. 


I've got flowers. My seed came from the forum seed swap

Can't remember who sent me those


I've got cosmos flowers (rubenza, antiquity, purity and sweet sixteen - so not the sensation mix) ....but like MU my sweetpeas are a bit of a disaster this year.  Will dig more compost into their patch for next year.


Just looked in my seed box. Mine are sensation mixed too. They're from Johnson's. One has started flowering reasonably well but most have no sign of buds at all.

Shorter cosmos bought from GC and lidls as plants are doing well.

I grew Johnson's Sensation Mixed from seed. Never had problems before but this year I've got no flowers or even buds.


I've got some white and a few magenta but no pinks at all. I assume they're the sterile ones.


My cosmos are really only just getting into their stride. My fault, I put them in late. It's not been the right sort of weather for a lot of things, especially me actually doing  gardening.  Either too wet or on rare days ,too hot.


Cosmos has generally much taller and mostly later flowering this year.  Here they have flowered for several weeks but folks, look on the bright side, they  continue for several weeks yet and prob for longer into autumn than usual 


A tall cream one (bought from local nursery) has done very well and has masses of buds on it whereas my magenta ones have been very poor.

Finally my cosmos has some buds. Cosmos may be flowering late this year but the appearance of buds on 1st Oct seems a bit over the top! I hope they manage to open and flower before the frosts.

Mine have been superb this year...slightly later and taller.  Despite their height they stand up well in wind and rain thanks to earlier and regular pinching out 

This Year was my first time at growing Cosmos from seed. I must say I am very impressed and look forward to having more next year. Unfortunately, unlike Verdun I didn't pinch them out and although they are huge ( up to 120cm) and beautiful, they have started to droop in the recent wet weather.   Oh well, another useful lesson learned

Could anyone clarify, do they come back next year? or do I just remove them when they are over?

Many thanks