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Lovely foliage but absolutely no flowers on my cosmos grown from seed this year...should I blame the weather?


That rather depends -have you been feeding them at all?-if so-with what?

Not really, just put some in the ground and some in pots. Usually they are easy and perform very well but not this year.


These are usually my fail safe plants but this year they are only 6 inches tall with the smallest flowers, I am blaming the weather.

Jay7.Too much rain. I am guessing the cosmos are much taller this year? Mine are some 150 cm tall but now flowering but only for the past couple of weeks. I always pinch out when young plants and then cut back hard to double shoots early summer to enable strong bushy plants that will flower well into late autumn. I don't feed too much either. I think you will get loads of flowers



I know what you mean I grow mine from seed  and was late putting them out because of the cold and wet. I  think it is the weather ,the ones in the sun (when we get it) are flowering they are about 45cm high but very thin ,the ones that are in part sun and cooler damp conditions are bushy but only a few buds . Have patience they still have time mine usualy dont come into their best untill late Aug and early Sept.  Did you watch Gardeners World Monty was planting cosmos,they were only stragly things .Lets pray for warmer weather


My 2 cosmos are about 30cm high, the ones I actually sowed never appeared and these are self seeded. not holding out for an amazing display



My Cosmos are just starting to flower now which is late for them, I wouldn't worry too much and just hope for more warm weather to spring them in to life. As said above they are much bigger this year than normal.


I bought a packet of dwarf cosmos this year as in previous years they have grown too tall for where I wanted them, these should have been 18" to 20" tall. They are now 4ft tall and so bushy they are taking over the garden, just coming into flower. I  pinched out the tops when they were about 8" tall but that didn't' stop them, they are like triffids! Hopefully when they are in full flower they will be a picture, I'm sure unusual season is to blame, either that or the packaging was wrong. I have got some nice neat ones in the front garden self seeded from last year, you just can't win.


I sowed free seeds from the front of another well known gardening magazine (sorry) and then planted out the plugs in my wildflower lawn. I hoped that they would give some extra colour as this is this areas first season and the perenials won't give much this year. I have to now apologies as they are doing very well and flowering nicely also.... They look great dotted around between the corn flowers and poppies etc!!.... I have to say that they seem to be enjoying the wet weather and of course no worries about watering them!!



I sowed mine in March and they are just starting to flower now. I grew Sensations and the tallest ones are already 4 feet tall, I guess the weather is to blame for lack of flowers.

Jean Genie

Sorry - mine are fine . They were grown from seed early on in the year and they've flowered well. Seashells and Picotee . Higgy - I also sowed the free seeds ( the white ones beginning with a B ) They have just started flowering a couple of weeks ago but think that may be because the seeds were sown late .

Christopher 2 - yes, very tall and really healthy. Actually, they don't look at all bad in the border in amongst some grasses - I think I will take mollycatshirley's advice and see what happens in the next few weeks. It must be the weather musn't it -who'd have thought they would be so sensitive! 

Jay7 I have grasses around the cosmos too...., miscanthus variegatus, deschampsia which has loved the rain by growing very tall and Calamagrostis Karl Foerster. May seem a waste but one group of white cosmos grew to 6 feet and were flowering we'll but were too imposing over the other plants alongside so I dug them up.I now have many plants now coming into flower and I think it's because the weather is warmer now so your cosmos will certainly flower and prob better for being later and putting on so much growth
muddy mare

i started picotee and seashells early and did later sowings which are budding now my earlier sowings have been flowering for a good month planted by a wall on a slight gradient they havent got too soggy


I sowed dwarf cosmos this year. They are about 5 foot tall and very pretty.

hollie hock

My Purity Cosmos are now finally flowering, really late but lovely all the same.  I grew these from seed, it's so good to see them bloom.

In my garden I think the awful weather is to blame for the lateness of flowers. On the whole they are lush healthy plants. I would grow them again next year.


The Sensation Mixed I gave to my mother for her garden have at last got buds on them, but not mine - although there's still time! But it was the ones in pots that really couldn't hack it - they died down and are now doing their thing on the compost heap.


Here are the cosmos that I have grown. Somehow theres a ruffled one too (which has lots of flowers attached to the stem and some petals have grown on the stem too rather than the flower, anyone know why it has done this in the 1st photo?) Even the bee's are loving them.

Grew Cosmos for the first time this year (from plug plants) and they are lovely.  Can't wait to grow them next year, maybe from seed.