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Does anyone know, is it due to our weird weather this last year that I have no berries on my normally abundant cotoneaster? The blackbirds are going to be very hungry as they love them.

I've seen lots of cotoneaster covered with berries this autumn, and already being polished off by the blackbirds.  Did yours flower this year? 


Mine is laden this year too - sorry, that doesn't help much


C. frigidus is my least flowering/berrying cotoneaster every year.

I think 'Cornubia' is a hybrid or cultivar of this and never fails to perform.

Fortunately there are enough C. lacteus berries to supply the birds as well 

Thats another odd thing. There was plenty of blossom in spring. It's still got about a third of it's leaves on too. I hope it's not on it's way out, it'll leave a big hole in my border!



Maybe the flowers got damaged by frost

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