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Lithops - 'living stones' - anyone have experience of them as an outdoor plant?  I was tempted (compulsive buy at Helligan Gardens today - we live 40 minutes away).  I wasn't sure if they were hardy - but from what I've read they are clearly not...

I would think that they might just be able to go down to freezing point for a couple of hours (think Sonoran desert conditions) but would be much happier in the sunshine.

Did you buy one that produces mescalin?


A daisy like flower apparently ..... as for mescalin how would you know?


He he he...just had to google mescalin, to find out what it was.

Aldous Huxley and The Doors of Perception led to The Doors band and Hotel California, James Tayor et al. 



You learn so much more here than just gardening 

No licking the lithops to find out dannyson.


Mine are in my Conservatory, the slugs would have a feast if they were outside!


Oooh, beautiful. Yes, you are right, Buzzy2, the slugs would have a feast. They'd be whirling round and round like dervishes in the morning and spelling out lines from a Jack Kerouac novel with their slime.


Lol just spat coffee all over the screen!

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