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Hi everyone! This is my first posting and i'm sure you will all know the answer to my question.

I planted a crinum powellii about five years ago and it has never flowered. It produces plenty of leaves and new bulbs, will it ever flower?


It likes a good baking in the summer with nothing shading it. It likes to be crowded so don't separate the bulbs. Last year was poor for mine, not a lot of baking in the last couple of years. If it's producing plenty of leaves it must be healthy. 

Says on your profile heavy clay soil. That won't be to its taste at all. 


Hello floralies and welcome. How rude of me not to say that first


Hi there.

Mine flowered for the first time last year. Needs to be replanted somewhere else though. Is bursting out of the pot - oh it's about 4 years old

Forgot to say I live in South West France, have added loads of organic stuff to soil to improve drainage and summers are usually hot so this plant surely must flower one day? Thanks for your replies, maybe I just have to be more patient!



Ah, you're probably treating it too well - flowering and producing seed is a survival strategy - if it's being looked after that well it doesn't need to flower and seed to reproduce itself - leave off adding the organic stuff for a couple of years and let it struggle a bit - it'll bloom it's socks off if you ignore it 


and don't plant as deply as you normally would for a bulb of that size.

Good luck, hope you get some flowers


As I have just cleared a patch I think Mr Powell will gi very well there. - can grow as much as it wants and in full sun, also no plans for that area. 

Biggest problem is how to get it out of its pot, and dig a hole deep enough to take it as it is.


Might have to sacrifice the pot Rosa


Not worried about the pot, it is a nive shaped plastic one - well it was but very mishapen now - It's digging a hole big enough - I garden on mature tree roots and clay


Don't sacrifice your back Rosa. Roots are a big handicap here, plants are often not quite where I want them cos I can't make a hole there


 - thanks

I have just purchased a root bulb and getting ready to plant it. I live in Missouri and have a sunny area on the south side of my house, but it only gets direct sun from around 11-2 pm. Sometimes it gets VERY hot on that side for just those hours. Exactly how many hours of sun does it really need to do it's thing. I want to put it in a pot but after reading everything I am almost sorry I bought it. It was just so beautiful in the picture. I want to give it as much love as I do my other plants. Please advise on fertilizer etc. if you would...Thank you!!

I purchased two bulbs this year and planted them in terra cotta pots standing in full sun.  Lots of leaves but no flowers - shall I just keep them in the pots and hope for better next year?

tony williams2

Hi floralies i planted mine 2yrs ago and same thing as you all no flowers ,so i replanted with the neck of the bulb above the ground in sun surounded by other plants and hey  presto a stalk and 8 flowers,i have 2 and they both reacted the same.Good luck.

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