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I have a HUGE clump of crocosmia lucifer.....can I dig them up soonish? We are having an extension built and they will have to budge! Should I then overwinter them in the garage for example or stick them straight back into the ground somewhere else?



I not ideal time to be digging Crocosmia up,  but i would put them straight back into the ground. Crocosmia are hardy plant it will recover in time

Get as big a clump as possible.  Either put in large pot or two or plant in ground.  You could dig it up and put in bin liner with damp soil around if.  Tie it around the rootball and leave in the shade 

We inherited a big garden which had Crocosmia 'Lucifer at the back of the border'.  They flowered beautifully but then the weight of them caused them to lean forward and fall to the ground.

having no idea of planting I cut them right back down to the bottom of the stem with a view to replanting to get them to stand up straight.

will they grow back?!  I've read forums now that say to just leave them as they are leaves and all!


Morning Michelle, I have posted on your other thread 

I wonder if it takes long to get a plant from the seed it produces?

I collected it, but wonder if it's worth sowing?


I love the seedheads, so pretty. I have left mine and just removed the dead leaves.

plant pauper


I collected seeds from mine two years ago and had some flowers this Summer. They need to mature a bit but I was tickled pink. 

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