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I've just ordered some mixed crocosmia bulbs, but I've done that several times before and nothing came up.  They will be delivered by the end of April.

Would it be feasible to plant them in pots just so that I can make sure to water them and nurse them along?  If I did, should I use compost or just garden soil?

I've planted crocosmia bulbs before, planted an actual growing plant, planted bulbs from my sister's garden (which grew like mad for her) and never had any luck with any of my efforts.

What sort of soil do you have in your garden?

About 2 weeks ago put some 'Lucifer' into modules as I need to see where they go when they are planted. popped them on bottom shelf of GH and told them to get on with it!. Today a couple are sprouting, when they all are will harden off and put them in soil

They're weeds down here for me too.
Think i would pot them up....they are likely to be very small....keep them warm and watered until strong green shoots emerge. Use compost.
My favourite is lucifer.....brilliant how-stopping colour
Woodgreen wonderboy

You will need to plant out eventually (scientific term!) as they stop flowering when they get congested.



Thanks folks for all the replies.  I'll try putting them in pots with compost, try to keep them warm and wait to see what happens.

Fingers crossed!  If it doesn't work this time, I'll just give up and search for something else to become fixated on..................!


They do not do well in pots - they are found by stream banks in nature, so well draining but moist soil. In summer pots are far too dry for them, although a few did well in a pot for me last year, but that was a wet summer!


Get them in the ground and they will grow like mad.


Thanks blairs - but I've tried them in the ground several times before with no luck!

Maybe they just don't like me..............!

Got to disagree blairs.
I grow them in large pots, splitting yearly, and use them,to fill in gaps in summer
They sure do well in pots for me. ,I used to sell them like that.
And to disagree further.....blairs will beat me up now but he doesn't know where, I live!..........crocosmias thrive for me in the dry.
Crocosmias are the hybrids fom momtbretias which abound in every nook n cranny here in Cornwall....parched and wet sites alike
I'm still interested to know what Supernanauna's soil is like. I have very free draining soil here, and have a constant battle to keep them in check.


figrat - I've got ordinary garden soil.  Nothing special about it - can be quite heavy and clay-ey in places.


They grow like weeds here too but is it perhaps an issue with some of the varities used rather than the conditions? I had Lucifer on the bank of a pond where it was south facing and competing with a conifer hedge, heathers and juniper and was spectacular, but I've also had the common orange one in wet clay which spread everywhere.

Fairygirl. Lucifer is crocosmia. The common orange,is montbretia. You see it everywhere in west Cornwall.
Yes, there are varieties that are more vigorous,than others but all will try to take over I think.

 Verdun-  Is the common montbretia not still crocosmia? (masoniorum I think)

Anyway-common as it is- I like 'em!! There's a very pretty pale lemony one which I'd like to get if I see it. Forget it's name.

Verd-I've no idea where I'm putting all these plants I want to buy....

Send them to me of course Fairygirl
I dont know about plant names anymore......they're constantly changing, aren't they?
To me crocosmias are the hybrids from wild montbretias. There are some new varieties out now.....of African breeding I think and some lovely doubles. may try one or two...if they're invasive I'll send them to you. Ha ha



Very funny Verd-I'll have to move into my shed at this  rate!

I know what you mean about the names-change for the sake of it sometimes!

Anyway-this isn't 'puttin claes on wee Jeannie' as they say up here (I Scots eh?)

I'll translate later if needs be!

Off to dig a new bed for my crocosbretias....


...dinnae get yersel' in a fankle'.. Fairygirl....


..I got that off my teatowel...

Language Salino.........tut tut. Ha ha

Salino- I get maself in a fankle every day...

Fairygirl ...I am shocked by the language tonight