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Just mowing my lawn and noticed a distinctly bad smell coming from tubs with daffs in. Closer inspection, I noticed the Crown Imperials which I planted two autumns ago (September 2011) are finally growing. Can't believe it. I'd given them up for dead when nothing appeared at all last year. Can't believe they smell so bad though :-/ Not sure if I will get flowers though. All I've got currently is lots of green leaves. I do remember reading they can take couple of years to flower.

I love that foxy smell of Crown Imperials - I planted some in a pot last year and I'm enjoying the smell, they're growing well but like you, I'm not sure if we'll get flowers this year.  


They probably will flower yet, the little frits are just getting going this late Spring, and Imperials are usually after those.  The smell is one of those love/hate things that divide gardeners, but the flowers are gorgeous  - maybe move them further from your nose to where you can admire their beauty without the nasal affront? 

As for taking 2 years to flower, last year was so dark and wet, that I imagine they thought better of it - wouldn't you have done?  Sometimes things just do this to surprise us and keep us on our toes.  I had a clematis that didn't flower for 7 years, I left it in as it was a fern leafed one and covered the area of fence anyway, flowers or not - then 3 years ago it started to flower and has done so ever since! 

The one's I planted in September 2011 came up last year and flowered beautifully, this year they are up but only leaves, no sign on flowers so dont know what's happened there. I planted some new ones, the other end of the boarder, last September  and they are up and have flower buds.


I love that smell. I go and sniff the bulbs in th GCs.

My red one is nearly out, the yellows way behind



Whatever turns you on, Nutcutlet! 

muddy mare

Have flowers orange doing well


These are three i put in the ground last autumn



Yeah yeah Franco - nobody likes a smart a**e. I've got one (well, two now apparently) that were in my garden when I moved in 7 years ago, though I didn't discover that until I cleared the 6ft hedge of bramble that'd allegedly been there for at least 10 years previously. Shoot/s up every year, looks all promising, and then gets totally slugged OVERNIGHT, just as I'm hoping for flowers. Ah well. I only keep them as a decoy plant now - means the slugs get them and leave other things alone a bit longer!

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