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veggie fingers


Has anyone had a problem with cucumber plants mine have all died, the ones inside the greenhouse and in the veg plot. They have all just withered up is there any point in starting again they looked healthy apart from this. Thanks


The cold probably finished off the cucumbers in the veg plot,were the green house ones regularly watered?,


I'd say that cold finished cumbers in greenhouse as well. The temperatures in Cardiff don't seem any better than here and my cumbers are still indoors. Having watered carefully, not leaving wet compost mounded up at base of stem, they sulked & flopped overnight when left in conservatory and temp dropped. Picked up ok when warmed up.

Considering how fast they germinate and how bad the weather is I'd consider another go, last year mine didn't go in greenhouse until end of May/ June and they gave a great crop. So maybe planting o/s end June you'd get some. Or maybe buy a few and keep indoors a few weeks..that might be best option.


Mine in the greenhouse seem to be doing well at present,but would agree with KEF get down to the GC and buy some more plants .

veggie fingers

Thanks for that will buy some more today. Homebase actually have some fab plants this year and some very sturdy looking cucumbers.

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