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I have a few clumps of Aquilegia dotted about my borders and although it's very good in early spring with plenty of flowers I've not been able to get it to do much afterwards.

I've kept deadheading it in the past but it doesn't really seem to prolong it's flowering period by much. Is it worth cutting it back hard in the hope of a second flowering later in the season or is it just going to give me one show either way?

Bob......Aquilegias are Spring flowering.....most will be finishing by this will produce enough flower spikes for the size of plant...........deadheading is advisable if you don't want tons of seedlings spreading around your garden. 

They can sometimes throw up another flower spike but these are usually pretty poor so not really worth it.


You can chop the leaves off if the look rough. More will grow


However, if you do chop them back below where they flowered, you get a good patch of pretty foliage which can look fresh and nice. 


Right - I did cut them right back last year towards the autumn and noticed the fresh foliage underneath that Bookertoo mentions.

I'll cut back a bit earlier this year and let that fresh foliage come through. I'll leave a few seed heads on a couple of them as well and see where they seed themselves.


They will seed Bob. I guarantee it


They will seed anywhere they like - the results can be most charming, and if you don't care for where they are, they are easy enough to pull up.   Enjoy.

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