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When should I cut them back? They are looking a little bit scraggy from being outside this winter but I heard they can be rejuvenated by being cut back but I dont know when :P

You can cut them back now Matt and bring them inside. They will start back into growth slowly, a feed and some warmth and light will encourage this, and you can take cuttings from the new growth when they reach about 4 inches in height.

I'd repot them after cutting back in some fresh compost and give them a weak feed to help them along.


Thats great Thanks


My daughter in law, living on the Suffolk coast, has pelargoniums in flower  this weekend in tubs in her front garden!

Secret Squirrel

mine are like young children who won't go to sleep! They are in a cool environment, minimum watering and still they want to flower!



I cut them back hard and re-potted them then placed them by the back door (this is the best I have until the greenhouse goes up in a few weeks)

They are growing away strongly now so thanks for the advice

Pelargoniums flowering outside for me too.

I usually cut back twice.....autumn and about now to create bushyness and cuttings.


Its funny, when I started gardening I never liked Pelargoniums. I hated the smell, but somehow I have come to like it, and they flower FOREVER.

Now I've realised how easy they are to keep year on year I'm hooked.

Only disadvantage is they are useless for insects but hey-ho, I've plenty of other plants for that!


Ive not been a fan either of pelargoniums until last few container plants.  They lack structure and form but boy, they provide lots,of colour.

I have a few scented varieties on order.....nice on a path or near a seat or doorway.

I transplanted mine into the cold greenhouse at the end of the year & they've been fine, I did the same last year & after replanting they made a much earlier show than buying small plants.


Everos, I agree; I try to keep as many as I have space for during the winter; cheaper and the plants have a flying start.

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