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My Aeonium has proven popular neighbours and friends who have felt free to take cuttings from it, leaving large gapping holes in the foliage. Can anyone advise how you cultivate cuttings from it, so I can offer friends who are desperate for their own Aeonium and how if possible I can train my large one to fill in the gaps that are left?

Aeoniiums cuttings are very very easy to strike. I got greedy early in the year by cutting whole plant to the base TWICE. It made good growth first time but I did same thing 6 weeks later and it died. However, every cutting struck. You can cut it anywhere and it will take but let it dry first for day or so and then put in gritty, perlite, sand, vermiculite, compost. Chunky short pieces are best. Water once and stand in warm dry place ....cold frame etc.....uncovered for few weeks. Spring and early summer are best I think. But now is still good. Fill in the gaps? Aeoniiums want to grow quickly and tall and I'm not sure about "training" it. Cutting it back for cuttings will make it bushy. I stand mine in the garden from spring til October then bring it indoors

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