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I have some bog standard wallflowers in my garden which are now two years old and starting to flower again. My question is, if I take cuttings from the ones I like, will they make decent sized flowering plants by next spring?

If anyone has experience of this I'd be pleased to know how it went.


I take cuttings off the perennial wallflowers, and they flower the following year. I dont see why the other sort should be any different, but if you let them run to seed, and sow the seed in July, the resultant plants will flower next spring.

I'm sure you an take cuttings of the biennial wallflowers just as with perennial types.  To maintain a colour it is worth I write this I intend now to do just that, viz., take cuttings next month. 

hollie hock

Can't see why this shouldn't work, not tried it myself. Although might just be better collecting the seeds off them

Thanks for your thoughts, I shall give it a go later in the month and see what happens. I'm hoping that I shall get some decent sized plants, in the colours I want, in good time for planting out in the autumn.

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