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I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me with plant cuttings.

I have Veronica spicata and a spare runner off a strawbery plant. Can anyone advise on how i make a cutting from these two. I understand with the Strawberrry you can pop the runner into a pop but will have to cut it off the main strawberry plant once the runner has rooted but i can't do that as my neightbour will have plant pots with runners growing and i don't think he would be too pleased to have all my plants lying around his garden. So hopefully i can cut off the runner and grow it on its own.


Any advice would be appreciated,



Simon, the strawberry runner?   You have described the best way to do it.  However you should still be able to,cut off a runner and either pot it or anchor it dowonio to,the soil.  Nick bottom of the stem first though

Veronicas?  I split them in the autumn with a spade or knife.  Or, cut off a basal shoot. Do,it as near to,the roots as possible then remove top growth and pot up

never had much luck with summer cuttings of veronica ... wait until the autumn and divide the plant(s) ...



Hi all,

Thank you very much for your advice, and hopefully I will have many new plants growing soon.


All the best,





Simon, if you have any willow trees (Salix anything) nearby you can make your own rooting hormone for cuttings.

Cut green twigs, not brown wood, strip off the leaves. Now cut the twig into 5cms pieces and in a container just cover them with boiled water. Like tea.

Leave to cool then add twice as much cold water then strain the twigs out. It will store for a couple of months in an airtight container.

By standing any cuttings in this  the cuttings take up some of the brew which has growth hormone. (A coppiced willow wand will grow upto a metre a summer and cut willow happily roots in soil because of the high hormone levels in Salix). HTH

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