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Evening all


last year I bought 5 Miniature cyclamen. I lifted amd stored and 2 have survived and are filling their compost pots well. Question is, can I split them to multiple or am I just left with 2. Never really had cyclamen before. Any advice would be welcome please. 


Need more info about exactly which type of cyclamen you have.  There are several varieties of hardy (outdoor) cyclamen (eg coum, hederifolium=neopolitanum) which should be permanently left in the ground, some less hardy ones and there are "florist's" cyclamen (eg Persicum) which are houseplants and have larger flowers but can be grown outside during the summer (although I would have thought that's a bit pointless as they flower in the Autumn & Winter.)

Crickey I have no clue. Could you tell if I take A picture??


Cyclamen reproduce from seed. The flower head coils up and brings the seed down to the ground. Ants spread them around. The bulb or corm will get bigger with time and you get more flowers but you can't split them. There were a lot of miniatures being sold last year with African genes in and they will be tender. Coum and hederifolium are hardy.

Oh thanks. I will plant and leave alone then



What colour were the flowers? I bought 5 red flowered ones and one survived in the greenhouse. Definitely tender. The hardy ones tend to be pale pink or white.


Red you have been busy with your posts

do you still want a dahila cutting next year of my redflame ??

Yes please! 


My my cyclamen were red, pink white abd a purple pink. No idea which has survived! 


Were the leaves round or ivy shaped?(pointy)

Rounded, whole plant only stood about 10cm tall if that


There are cyclamen like these being sold now for autumn pots. I don't know what species they are but down at Homebase the label said not below 0C.

I didn't by any. I like the hardy ones that look great right now and look after themselves through the winter. 

I think I got the non hardy type, they only flowered for about 4 weeks!


You need Cyclamen hederifolium to last from August to at least October, (December last year). Then Cyclamen coum to see you through January/ February. Both completely hardy and seed to make you more

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