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This photo was taken this morning. The cyclamen started flowering the first week in August and not nearly over. I think these would be good under Mark Feather's sycamore.


image not come up on my screen

they do flower for a long time and look really pretty


I wonder if it's come up on anyone else's. If not I'll have another go


Me too, lovely. J.


not fair I want to see the nice picture

They look so delicate but of course they are'nt at all. They're obviously very happy there.


I've sent you the pic gardengirl, see your emails

They're very tough indeed and seed like weeds. 

got the picture -wow they look really good are they wild cyclamen?

Do they flower every year?


Cyclamen europaeum, not wild in this country. The corms get bigger and more full of flowers over the years. Some are several inches across.

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