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I have been given several pretty cyclamen plants and would like to try and keep them for next winter - can anyone advise the best way of doing this.  I read somehwhere about their dormant stage but I don't know when this is or if I should keep them dry or watered all summer?  



I assume you have the tender ones - cyclamen persicum. I fed mine after it has flowered, then let it dry out - kept it in  cold greenhouse until end April just in case of a late frost, and then left it outside in a shady dryish spot against a garage wall. It disappeared altogether.  Around October time I saw some new growth start to appear so brought it back indoors and away it went again. 

I don't know if that was the best way to do it, but it worked. 


With cyclamen, let it dry out but not totally, carefully remove the dead leaves at their base by the corm. Try not to leave any of leaf stem on. I just leave them in a cool shady place, I tend to not put them in the garden because of creatures getting into the pot. When the tiny leaf clusters are appearing start to feed them - half strength Baby Bio is good

DO NOTfeed when the flowers open.


Matty, why not feed when the flowers open?

flowering rose

I plant mine in the garden ready for next year.



Not feeding when flowers open is something to do with the fact that all the nutients are built up in the corm, ready for flowering. I read it years ago and have always followed it, made sense

Oh think I made a boob then!!! I was given 4 mini cyclamen from a farm shop and the started to fade after trying v hard over winter. Tonight I noticed I could only see a few leaves left and some activity at one heart. So I dug them out of my clay bed and potted up in compost and pots and watered??

What shall I do?? When do they need what doing??

great advice thank you all!


Leave them and don't water until they have dried out. Were they cyclamen coum? or meant to be inside. Coum just plant, leave and forget outside.

Inside ones treat as above

I've got loads of Cyclamen which I had in pots outside and looked stunning, but  now want to make space for Summer bedding. I've taken them out and put together in one large container but my question is where do I position them ? Feel half shade would feel right but am I missing something? & do I feed them now ? Or forget them ? Thanks 


They like the shade as long as it isn't too deep. So your instinct Is right. Feed when not in flower, so yes and keep them dryish if possible

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