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Can someone tell me how to propagate Cyprus seeds. Have tried to propage the seed in the past but have not been successful.


Sow in soil . Cover with grit. Wait.

They may take a year or two to start growing.

I found some growing underneath  a tree, and potted them on. They are very slow growing.

Many perennial seeds can take a long time to germinate. Peony seeds can take three years.  Don't throw out non germinated seeds, park them in a corner, and just check from time to time.


Most need stratification which is essentially a cold spell followed by a warm one.  Some seeds need this to happen a couple of times.  You can artificially produce those conditions by putting the seed tray/pot in a plastic bag inside a refrigerator for a few weeks, if you don't want to wait for the Winter to arrive.

Thanks Fidgetbones and Bob The Gardener for the advice. My wife will not alocate any space in her fridge for a seed tray so I will have to take the long route to germination. 

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