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Thomas Wilkinson2

Hi, I planted some daffodils a few weeks ago now, (can't remember exactly when, but I saw a few posts on here saying it was time). Now they have already begun to send up shoots. Is this normal? is there anything I need to be doing for them?



Hi Thomas - It's perfectly normal and they'll be fine - nothing you need to do for them - except look forward to Spring and enjoy! 

Yes perfectly normal, they are very hardy, so sit back and look forward to the spring display.


The cold winter will slow them down a bit, if you are worried, you could put some more soil on top. Did you plant them a good depth in the ground.?



I saw some little pots of tete a tete in flower for sale yeaterday.  Very pretty, even if they have been forced in a greenhouse. I guess they will be picking daffs on the isles of scilly in about 3 weeks.


I remember when there where daffodil fields in Cornwall. Now mostly on Scilly.

My sister lives on Cornish/Devon border, and always has daffs for Christmas

Daffs in my garden already some 30 cm high.  Just normal here.  Daff varieties are so early you  can have them for months. 

Thomas Wilkinson2

Planted them roughly double the size of the bulb deep. maybe some a little shallow as they are in pots. put them on top of a little bit of gravel too like Monty don said in GW a while back. 

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