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Any idea how a daffodil has managed to pop up in the middle of the lawn. It has a flower bud on it. Lived here about 7 years and don't recall seeing anything there before. Puzzled......

They take quite a while from seed, maybe you missed the young leaves developing in the grass. 

hollie hock

I've just seen an unexpected crocus due to pop up in the lawn. Every year Spring is a surprise to me but this one I know I wouldn't haven't planted there.

Hollie hock, crocus pop up in my lawn too. They are promiscuous little things. Am I in the minority here when I say Im not sure if I really like crocus? They look nice for brief time in flower but they are weedy out of flower. A friend has several clumps of daffodils in her orchard ....she didn't plant them but an adjacent farmer's field is full of them for sale. They seed easily I think.
Gardening Grandma

So it is possible to grow them from seed if you don't mind waiting a few years for flowers?


Yes, crocus pop up everywhere in my garden. Perhaps the leaves of the developing daffodil were mown out each year. If so I'm surprised the bulb has grown big enough to flower. Love surprises. It's going to look a bit silly, but I can't wait for it to flower.
hollie hock

I would yes GG, although not tried it myself. I often wonder how the lovely drifts of spring flowers that we see in hedgerows etc get to be there in the first place.

I usually dead head all the daffs but might leave a few and collect some seeds this year.

What a lovely surprise Judith! I noticed today that there were some bulbs coming up on my lawn that I don't recall planting. Not daffodils though - not sure what they are going to turn out to be.

I have got some daffodils and crocuses in the lawn that I planted - would like to plant more next Autumn.

I've always put bulbs popping up in unexpected places down to squirrels. I planted snowdrops in my back garden for years. They never flourished, but I got them coming up in the front garden where I didn't plant them.

I've now got them growing in the back after planting them in the green rather than bare bulbs

Grape hyacinths pop up everywhere! They can be a nuisance but I do like them, I have some crocus that a neighbour threw out in a pot they are under the False Acacia tree they've self set in a lovel drift of purple
chilli lover

I also get random crocuses and snowdrops popping up everywhere. Last summer I found an iris in a bed where I definitely didn't have any irises. I potted it up and its now got loads of leaves - can't wait to see what colour it turns out to be but I didn't know they could spread by seed?

What function do daffodil seeds perform



The same function as any other seed. It grows into a plant , flowers, and then forms more seeds....and so it goes on.

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