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The Doctor

Does anyone know when and a good way of transplanting established daffodils?

I have a few clumps that I want to move and place them where i dont park my car and where they will be seen

Dan xx


I just dig them up with a good bit of soil around them and plonk them in where I want them.


When they have finished flowering-do it then-and let them die back in the usual way


Or that then, but if you are going to drive over them I would risk it now to keep the flowers

Hello ...move them after flowering.
Good chance too to split your clumps...just pull them apart into smaller clumps. Plant fractionally deeper than they were before and feed and water in.
I regularly move mine in flower but it's not really to be recommended.
When I split my daffs I pot many of them into pots so that next year I can plant them out in the gaps in my borders


The Doctor

Cheers guys, 

I haven't been driving over them, we are going to digging it up so we don't have to park on mud anymore.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Buy new ones next September...they are relatively cheap to buy and are guaranteed to flower at least once. The ones you move might fail and come up "blind" i.e. leaves, no flowers.

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