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Rich B

Hi again

I want to plant some Arabian Night Dahlias in my front garden this year. Its North facing and doesnt get much (if any) sun during the summer days. I was told Dahlias will grow anywhere if the have plenty of horse manure. 


Is This True????

Also i want them to be as Dark/Black as possible, any tips on this??



Hi Rich

I think they'll need some sun as well as muck



Dahlias like warmth, sun and moisture to flower properly-north facing. no sun is not ideal-the dung will help -but not if it is fresh-any organic matter will do -just to retain moisture

You cannot alter the shade-it will do- what it will do-bit like asking can I make a white rose even whiter-you cant

Rich, I don't think planting dahlias there will be successful at all. Best to try something else. Sorry but you will be disappointed.. Plants growing where they are happly will look good....plants grown where they are not suited will look awful

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