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I have a lot of dahlia tubers in my house at the minute the last frost date is the 2nd week of may for my area. Will they be protected enough in a cold frame, mini greenhouse if I put them in the start of may. I grew a lot last year but had room to keep them all indoors but at the moment it is getting like a bit of jungle in here.


I'd say they should be ok in a coldframe providing the lid is down overnight . If there is a frost forecast, you could stick a piece of old carpet, sacking etc over the top for extra protection. We've not had a cold winter,but don't be complacent. Mine are still in garage with the doors open during the day.


Yeah I don't want to be lulled into a false sense of security with the temps I may shove them in my mini greenhouse is a couple of weeks.

Hi Cairnsie, as you know I live close to you. My dahlias have been potted up for about a month and are sprouted. None are indoors but are in my un heated greenhouse and a polythene cold frame. Like hosta fan suggests I'll give them extra protection if it gets very cold but they have been fine so far.


got mine in  the coldframe



ok ill put them out thanks

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