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I see Lidl are advertising dahlia bulbs on Thursday, and the photo shows bulbs rather than tubers.

Whenever I've seen (or planted) dahlias before, they've been tubers, so is there any real difference between the two? Do bulbs produce a smaller dahlia bush with fewer flowers or something. Or is a tuber just what a bulb grows into after a couple of years?


There's no such thing as dahlia bulbs - dahlias grow from tubers.  I think Lidl's advertising people are confused 


and  and nice gift voucher . in the post your way



Gosh! The add distinctly shows 3 daff like bulbs in the bag 


Yes, there are bulbs shown in the photo of the bag, that's what confused me. I'm no expert, so I thought perhaps some varieties come from bulbs or that a tuber starts life as a bulb.

Is it a good idea to plant a dahlia tuber in the middle of a patch of daffodils or crocuses? I thought that this could mean I get daff flowers in the spring, immediately followed by dahlia flowers in the summer in the same spot.

Also, when should I sprinkle the soil with epsom salts to get better flowers? Do you do this just before plants start flowering or when the shoots appear?

By the way, when I last bought dahlia tubers from Lidl, one of them was snapped in various places, so this time I'll check more carefully. Ironically, the snapped-up one grew very well whilst the perfect one failed to grow and completely disappeared when I next dug the soil in that spot.


Oh dear oh dear oh dear.... Well spotted tomsk, bulbs like that are definitely NOT dahlias....

Dahlias aren't usually hardy so many people lift them every year and store in a frost-free place. This would disturb your bulbs, so probably not the best situation for them.


B&Q had loads of reticulata Iris on sale with all the summer bulbs - all sprouted of course - do you think I should tell them?....

You need to keep Dahlias under cover Tomsk as they're not hardy. Grow on then plant out when frosts are over. You'd be better having the Dahlia in front of or behind the daffs. You'd probably disturb the bulbs putting it in. It would certainly disturb the crocus. If you had some bulbs in a pot and submerged that in the border for a spring display, you could lift the pot out and replace it with the Dahlia. 


That's a fantastic idea to bury pots and create hot-swappable flower beds!

I'm definitely doing that for next year.


You can buy those iris reticulata that are sprouted, if they are selling them cheaply.  Plant them now in a tub or somewhere that gets light, tucked away behind the shed or somewhere and wait till next Spring, when you will have an amazing show and at a reduced cost - what's not to like? 


Trouble is - they're not selling them cheaply Bookertoo! I was tempted to tell someone to see if they'd reduce them though 

Tomsk - I do that with lots of planting. It's useful when you have a nice big 'statement' container. Get a few plastic pots - all the same size - that will fit inside it  (prop them  up on bricks or something if they're a bit shorter) then plant them up with your own choices - eg bulbs for spring, annuals/ lilies or something for summer and a nice evergreen for over winter. Just swap the pots round for each season. 


I have heard from Lidl - the matter has been passed to the 'relevant department' and I will be contacted again once they have received their response etc etc etc 

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