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Bunny ...
I have found dahlia tubers , some are not rotted , this is first time I have grown dahlia from seed so I have no idea if these will be ok. I have read how to store over winter but doesn't apply to finding them now Will they be ok? Do I leave them in greenhouse? Bring them in ?

If they are firm-you can start them of again now in moist compost in a frost free place-a bit of heat helps-then take cuttings if you want- or plant out sometime in May.

Bunny ...
Do I need to dry them out ? ..sounds like I should bring them inside

They are dormant tubers-you do not need to dry them out now-that is what you do when they are lifted in the Autumn-now you need to rehydrate them

Inside might be the prefered option

Bunny ...
Ok thanks , brought them in compost on yet , will do tomorrow


I lifted mine and stored in shredded paper. Do I bury in compost, or leave a but poking out?? Some are hard and some are softer, is it worth trying them all or just the rock solid ones??
Bunny ...
Looked up on GW site , there is a clip by Sarah raven of putting in compost tray just leaving growing tip out, water in and leave.
I have thrown out the soft ones just kept the firm . I am going to compost today, then see what happens ...if anything
I will try mine tonight If I'm home in decent time!!

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